TMC Develops Highly Scratch-resistant Clear Coat

―Paint to be Used on Soon-to-be-upgraded Lexus 'LS'―
Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces that it has developed a clear-coat paint with self-restoring qualities that is highly resistant to surface scratches usually caused by car wash brushes or fingernails.  TMC plans to use the coat on the soon-to-be-upgraded Lexus "LS".

Unlike a conventional clear coat, TMC's newly developed coat is not easily damaged and can even restore* itself even if it is deformed.  Moreover, it requires no special maintenance, prevents luster degradation caused by surface scratches and helps to prolong new-car color and gloss.

The new coat features an ingredient that encourages closer molecular bonding, resulting in a denser structure than conventionally possible.  This gives the coat flexibility and elasticity, making it less prone to damage and more resistant to light and acid, and giving it the ability to self-restore after deformation.

Meanwhile, TMC plans to continue actively addressing paint-related environmental issues through such steps as introducing water-based paints on all its vehicle-production lines.
*Excludes cases in which the self-restoring coat itself is destroyed

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